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Covenant Guidelines

The Covenants for Loch Raven Village govern exterior changes to our homes

Every home in Loch Raven Village is governed by Covenants that are part of your deed. The Covenants for Loch Raven Village govern exterior changes to our homes.


The ALRV has created a booklet with answers to the most common exterior update questions and application steps. ALRV Covenant Guidelines help identify how the Covenants are being interpreted by the Building Restrictions Committee (BRC), and explain when a written application for an exterior change is required. Homeowners considering a change to the exterior of their LRV home must contact the BRC before any construction begins.


ALRV has the authority to enforce Loch Raven Village’s Covenants.
The Covenants state: No building shall be erected, placed or altered on any lot on said plat until the building plans, specifications and plat plan showing the location of such building have been approved in writing by a majority of a committee...for conformity and harmony of external design with existing structures...

ALRV encourages investment in LRV homes! It is the intent of the BRC/ALRV to work with homeowners/applicants to effectuate the changes sought. At the same time, the proposed change must be in accordance with the conformity and harmony of external design of the structures in the Village.





LRV Covenants state that our homes must include traditional 6 over 6 muntins (mullions) in standard windows.


In recent years many contractors and homeowners were not aware of the requirement and failed to add the "grids" to replacement windows. If you're home's windows are currently out of compliance, don't despair. Many home improvement stores offer easy to install "snap-in grids" to place over existing bare windows. One online source that you may find helpful is


In 2017 the ALRV approved 4 traditional colors as a modern expansion to the previous Black or White only options. Any one of these colors may be used on LRV front doors without seeking further ALRV approval.

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