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Join Us!

Your Membership supports projects that make LRV
a great place to call home.

Who We Are

The Associates of Loch Raven Village, Inc., has been an active neighborhood association since 1947. Through membership support, ALRV works tirelessly to preserve, maintain, and enhance property values and quality of life for its residents. When you become a member, you’ll be part of the reason so many residents say Loch Raven Village is a great place to live. Become a member today.


What are Membership Dues for?

The Associates of Loch Raven Village Board (ALRV) has responsibility for a number of common tasks and concerns that make living in LRV clean, safe, and fun! These include:

  • Support for special projects in local schools

  • Work to maintain and increase our property values

  • Work with Baltimore County to reduce crime

  • Informing you of local developments via our newsletter, this website, and our Facebook page

  • Listening to your concerns and taking appropriate action

  • Ensuring that exterior updates do not detract from the continuity and beauty of the neighborhood

  • Organizing trash clean up

  • Holding various events at Easter, Christmas and throughout the year

  • Decorating Contests

  • Community Garden Maintenance

  • Community Signage Updates and Maintenance


How much is Membership?

Annual membership is $40 per household; $30 for seniors.
Membership is effective Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 of each year.


Payment Options




If you prefer to pay by personal check:
Please send $40 ($30 for seniors) payable to:
The ALRV, P.O. Box 9721, Baltimore, MD 21284

Please include your name, address, telephone number,
and email address with your payment.

Dues forms are included in the Crier seasonally.

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